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Complimentary remote consultation

Your new smile is just a few steps away. Our technology now allows the orthodontist to provide you with an opinion on whether you are suitable for orthodontic treatment without having to leave the comfort of your home or take time off work or school.

Remote consultation

Let's get started!

Find out if you need orthodontic treatment - our technology
will identify if orthodontic treatment is necessary and provide a report
showing your treatment options

How it works


Upload your photos

Just fill in a simple form and upload photos of your mouth


Intelligent analysis

Your photos are analysed by AI then verified by our Specialist Orthodontist


Comprehensive report

You will receive a full report of your orthodontic treatment options.

We can monitor your treatment from the comfort of your home

Our team will carefully review your photos

We will check your teeth are moving according to plan

We will contact you if we need to optimise any part of your treatment for the best results

All you need for your check-up is a smartphone

Snap a selfie wherever you are